Profiling Talks

Profilers help to analyze performance bottlenecks of your application – if you know which to use and how to work with them.

There are many open-source profilers, like async-profiler or JMC. This talk will give you insights into these tools, focusing on:

  • Understanding the basic concepts of profiling like flame graphs, …
  • Usage of async-profiler and JMC
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different tools

I gave (and will give) this presentation with slightly varying titles at several conferences: QCon London, JUG Milan, JavaZone Oslo, JavaForum Nord, Code Talks Hamburg, Devoxx Belgium, and JCon World, to name a few. More information on my previous and upcoming talks can be found on my Presentations page.

The following is a recording and slides from JavaZone:

There are also a video and slides for a related different talk given at Devoxx Belgium:

I mentioned in the talks a few resources and blog posts that I want to share here:


  • Johannes Bechberger

    Johannes Bechberger is a JVM developer working on profilers and their underlying technology in the SapMachine team at SAP. This includes improvements to async-profiler and its ecosystem, a website to view the different JFR event types, and improvements to the FirefoxProfiler, making it usable in the Java world. He started at SAP in 2022 after two years of research studies at the KIT in the field of Java security analyses. His work today is comprised of many open-source contributions and his blog, where he writes regularly on in-depth profiling and debugging topics, and of working on his JEP Candidate 435 to add a new profiling API to the OpenJDK.

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