Profiling Talks

Profilers help to analyze performance bottlenecks of your application – if you know which to use and how to work with them.

There are many open-source profilers, like async-profiler or JMC. This talk will give you insights into these tools, focusing on:

  • Understanding the basic concepts of profiling like flame graphs, …
  • Usage of async-profiler and JMC
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the different tools

I gave (and will give) this presentation with slightly varying titles at several conferences: QCon London, JUG Milan, JavaZone Oslo, JavaForum Nord, Code Talks Hamburg, Devoxx Belgium, and JCon World, to name a few. More information on my previous and upcoming talks can be found on my Talks page.

The following is a recording and slides from JavaZone:

There are also a video and slides for a related different talk given at Devoxx Belgium:

I mentioned in the talks a few resources and blog posts that I want to share here:

I’m happy to receive any feedback on my talk: