This is my personal blog on profiling, debugging, and the occasional non-programming content. I started at the end of 2022 to write blog posts regularly as part of my work in the SapMachine team at SAP SE, spreading the word on topics like profiling or debugging.

I’m trying to write a blog post every two weeks: These blog posts cover usually profiling related topics from my current work. You find here many posts related to testing profiling APIs, OpenJDK profiling internals, and general profiling topics, as this is my current area of expertise.

If you like this content, please spread the word and keep reading. I’m happy for any suggestions, questions, or criticism.


  • Johannes Bechberger

    Johannes Bechberger is a JVM developer working on profilers and their underlying technology in the SapMachine team at SAP. This includes improvements to async-profiler and its ecosystem, a website to view the different JFR event types, and improvements to the FirefoxProfiler, making it usable in the Java world. He started at SAP in 2022 after two years of research studies at the KIT in the field of Java security analyses. His work today is comprised of many open-source contributions and his blog, where he writes regularly on in-depth profiling and debugging topics, and of working on his JEP Candidate 435 to add a new profiling API to the OpenJDK.

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